It has finally come time for a disclosure policy. Since I'm not a lawyer I'm just going to put this into simple terms:

On any post I have received product for review I will include a note at the bottom that it was sent for review. To companies sending product for review you understand that in sending said product you are agreeing to these terms: I will use the product as directed and provide images and review within one week of receipt unless there are extenuating circumstances in which case I agree to contact you and give you a new date for review post. You also understand that I am obligated to my viewers to provide an honest review. One last thing to consider companies. My nails are natural and I use natural lighting without photoshop or filters except to apply my watermark and crop.

Second, for my readers, is that many links I post are affiliate links unless otherwise noted. I see no problem in posting such links as a blogger and go out of my way to seek affiliate links on other blogger's sites to shop through. The rewards are not so staggering that a blogger is making a living. It's just a nice perk and helps someone else out. I put a lot of work into my blog and don't receive a lot of compensation so the occasional reward is very nice to have. Thanks so much for your continued support - I truly appreciate it!

P.S. I feel it's finally time I disclosed my love of coffee. I know, I know it's something I should have come clean about a long time ago but now it's out in the open. *WHEW* That took a lot to get off my chest but I feel so much better!

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