Monday, July 14, 2014

Neon splatter nails

First off I'm still here! I've been working long hours and trying to still mommy/run a household. Turns out this is quite the juggling act. I'm still doing my nails, just not much art lately.

These nails are inspired by a screenshot of someone else's nails that a friend posted. So if they look familiar comment below so I can give credit where credit is due. Hubby took one look at them and said, "Please promise you'll post those. They are my favorite!" My lack of posting is making him sad I think.

I haven't done splatter nails in awhile and I love the pop of neon against the black to white gradient. Polishes used: Orly Black Vinyl, Zoya Snow White, with China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy splattered on top and then mattified with NYC Matte top coat.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer so far!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Neon nails and Origami Owl

Hello wonderful people! It is I, Mommy Does, with a blog post. I know right! Hard to believe ;)

Since my promotion at work, end of school year, and somehow getting laundry done has eaten all my extra time...oh who am I kidding. Who does laundry anyways? Anyways I apologize for the long delay in posts. I think about blogging all the time, but it usually comes down to shall I blog or shall I actually make a meal for my family so they feel like mommy still cares? Finding balance is rough and I applaud all of you who have found it.

Lately I haven't had much time for nail art. Actually I'm lucky if I get to put on top coat anymore. Yesterday I was rummaging and needing something quick and pretty and China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy jumped out at me. Also I forgot how hard it is to photograph neon...anyhow I topped it off with Essie As Gold As It Gets and fell madly in love with the look and just had to share.

Love, love, love! On a related topic I got my Origami Owl order. They have a blog charm so I just had to share my necklace with you too.

Super in love with everything about it. If you haven't checked out Origami Owl and use Frankie Caswell as your designer. They make really great gifts too. I got a necklace for my sister as a congratulations for having a new baby (I HAVE A NEW NIECE!) and one for my mother-in-law in memory of her husband who passed away. You can tell a beautiful and memorable story and it's so much more meaningful then flowers I think.

These are the other charms I grabbed. My favorite is probably the infinity symbol.

Now I am off to go car shopping with hubby as his car got totaled. By the way all of those things I just mentioned happened in the same week. Did I mention it's been crazy around here? I hope you are having a better month. ;)

Monday, April 21, 2014

ColorMeMonthly (CMM) April 2014

I've got another subscription review for you! This one is actually much simpler then any other I have tried, which I very much appreciate. It's called ColorMeMonthly and promises to deliver one high quality polish to your doorstep every month for seven dollars including shipping based on current color and fashion trends. Color me intrigued!

First up is the packaging. It's simple, understated, and focuses on the polish in the box. I, a lover of packaging, actually really appreciated this. I know that the company is solely focused on what I want: a great color every month. Additionally they respond to the popularity and put colors in the vault to purchase at full price. This is a perfect example of a well executed subscription. Surprise, product at a discount, and ability to repurchase later should I need another.

Needless to say I was DYING for it to arrive and headed over to Pantone to peek at the Spring Fashion Report. I had my hopes high for a highly pigmented creme in one of the gorgeous tones and, lo and behold, this month was Chiffon. It appears to have everything in common with Violet Tulip.

In order is indoor with indirect light, the pantone swatch, and outdoor direct sunlight. I forgot base coat, did two coats, and no top coat. 

I really love it. My only thing is that chiffon is a light and airy cloth so I might have gone with a different finish or a different name. Regardless it is happiness!

To be clear I have no idea if they intentionally chose a color from the 2014 Spring Pantone Fashion report, BUT it seems a pretty interesting coincidence.

By the way is it May yet?? You have until the end of the month to get subscribed so what are you waiting for?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mixed print for Easter and Spring

Two things. First I'm totally not ready for Easter. Seriously I ran to the store at midnight last night just to put baskets together for the kids. Today we're swinging by the store to pick up the desert we're supposed to bring to the family get together. Woefully unprepared.

So yesterday, in between all the hustle and bustle, I was attempting roses. I keep seeing these super cute mixed print manicures featuring roses. I, um, painting flower-like things? Basically I need a little more practice on the technique. However, I am at least facing this unprepared day with a manicure. I'm sure you can attest to how that can be a huge help.

The second thing. I never wear yellow. So I'm a little bit proud I stepped outside the box and wore it, because I love the color combination! The four colors I used are Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow, Sally Hansen Green Tea (the mint), Zoya Cynthia (the blackened teal), and Essie Mojito Madness for the leaves.

Happy Easter and Spring everyone!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rainbow Honey April Mystery Mini Bag Review

The very highly anticipated April Rainbow Honey Mystery Mini Bag is now in my hot hands. This month was even better then last month! I'm really hoping this trend of awesome keeps up.

So I open up the bubble mailer and the little package was packed full of goodies.

Inside there was two mini polishes in Cameo 18 and Stellar Treat, All Your Base base coat, Rose Nectar lip balm (this appears to be full size), one gram of pigment in Sparkling Agave, a Rose Nectar perfume roller ball, ten gold studs, and a set of eye shadow applicators. Like I said, packed!

First up is Cameo 18. This pink is HOT! This is a must have shade I can not stop staring at. The formula is fantastic and easily a one-coater, but I did two just because I have to. It's not the polish. It's me. But I digress.

My camera went crazy trying to capture the neon hotness of this. No top coat because I love the finish so much!

Up next is Stellar Treats, which is a mega glitter bomb. Packed with various pink and iridescent glitters and speckled with some teal glitters, with a dash of holographic pink star glitters making this is a must have.

I'm wearing the All Your Base base coat with this manicure. It was a nice base coat. Didn't take too long to dry which I prefer in my base coats. Plus the name is AWESOME! I think I'm overusing that word...

Next up is the rollerball scent which I didn't take a close up. It's the same as previous months so for a size comparison click here. Speaking of which I loved February's scent, Sakura Matsuri, so much I bought the full size. LOVE IT SO MUCH!

This month was Rose Nectar which is, as it sounds, very much a rose scent. I'm not a fan of rose scents so I handed this off to my best friend who adores rose scents. She's ordering a full size too.

In the same scent was the full-size lip balm. The scent is more subdued to I actually really enjoy this one a lot. I've been wearing it for a couple days now to try it out and it's pretty nice. Hubby, however, does not like it. Sad day because, for some reason, I really like the faint scent through out the day.

Next up is the pigment in Sparkling Agave. I'm thinking this is to go along with the polish we got in February's box:

It does seem pretty similiar in color so I'm wondering if she's planning to launch a whole line to coordinate with select colors.

Please note that I'm a polish swatcher and not a make up swatcher.

However this pigment is not very, well, pigmented. I haven't tried it on my eyes, but above is one and then two runs with my finger. It will suit my more subtle make up needs so I'm pretty happy with this!

Last is the extras she put in. Gold nail studs and applicators. Perfect compliments to this bag. 

Total value:
Cameo 18: 5.00
Stellar Treats: 5.00
All Your Base base coat: 4.00
Sparkling Agave pigment: 6-7.00 based on market value of 1 gram of pigment
Rose Nectar rollerball: 1.50
Rose Nectar lip balm: ?
Applicators and studs: extras

Total: At least 21.50

If you'd like to take a closer look at the descriptions of anything here's this month's card:! I will definitely be getting full size bottles of the polishes this month. Her April bag is still up for grabs so hop on over and grab yourself this spring into summer essentials look. Sold on the subscription? Get yourself signed up now and you'll get to start with the May bag. I can hardly wait for mine!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rainbow Honey March Mystery Bag Review

I am definitely aware it's April, but I never did review this bag and it might help one of you out there on the fence about signing up for the Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag subscription. Oh you haven't heard? This is now a monthly subscription bag! I'm totally signed up for the mini, which is 10.00+shipping. After signing up I was given a subscription control link where I can change or cancel my subscription myself (take note Julep). There's also a full-size program for 25.00 and free shipping. I don't know if they will be identical bagss (I doubt it based on price), BUT there you have it.

So, starting with May, you can get signed up for the monthly subscription bag. You can purchase April's bag here though. Mine is on its way and I can hardly WAIT for it to get here. I ordered a full size of the Sakura Matsuri perfume as well (I got the sample in the February bag and just fell totally in love).

Onto the bag! Well, tissue wrapped package anyways. How cute is that sticker?!

WELL worth the ten bucks! Two mini polishes in The Soirée and All My Stars, a cuticle oil in scent Nail Honey, a mini rollerball of the perfume scent Lavandula, and a foil packet of the Nail Honey hand cream.

First up The Soirée:

The top image is two coats on it's own. This polish is just gorgeous with deep blue and turquoise hex glitters in various sizes and iridescent glitters in various sizes. It practically glows! The second is over Essie Find Me an Oasis.

Next is All My Stars:

I wasn't as big of a fan of this one, but that's primarily because shape glitter isn't precisely my thing. However I LOVE the delicate pink/purple irridescent shimmer base that the pastel stars and hexes are swimming in. I couldn't get any of the yellow stars out. There wasn't many in the bottle itself. This is one coat over Essie Armed and Ready. I did larger shots so you could see the delicate shimmer.

The Rainbow Honey Nail Honey hand cream was a bit thinner then I expect a hand cream to be. I would say it's more of a cupcake scent then honey as well. Higher notes of vanilla whereas I expect honey to have a richer scent, but it smells delicious! It's pretty oily though so it's more of an overnight deep moisturizing hand cream then an everyday cream to stick in your purse.

The Rainbow Honey Nail Honey cuticle oil has the same scent. It's a great oil, but I'm already in love with the RH cuticle sticks so I probably won't be switching over. I will keep it next to my bed as I tend to use oils overnight to moisturize my cuticles.

The last item is the Rainbow Honey Lavandula mini rollerball perfume. Definitely a lavender scent with some other subtle floral hints. This was just not my thing at all, BUT I handed it off to my mom who fell in love with it.

Total value:
The Soirée: 5.00
All My Stars: 5.00
Nail Honey cuticle oil: ? but the sticks are 3.50
Lavandula sample: 1.50
Nail Honey hand cream sample: ?

Total: At least 15.00

REALLY hoping The Soirée becomes a regular line polish (it says on the card it's an experimental shade). All My Stars is up for purchase to celebrate Rainbow Honey's birthday. Lavandula is also available for purchase along with several other scents priced at 12.50 each.

So what are your thoughts on the Rainbow Honey Mystery bags so far? To see February's click here.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A sweet Spring break manicure

Today is the first day of Spring break here in Oregon. As a kid or college student this is a breath of fresh air. As a mommy it's basically a gauntlet for survival. We do have some fun stuff planned (coast trip and a family day down to Splash!) so it shouldn't be too bad....right? I type this as the kids scream at each other over a puzzle...

Anyways I scored my first Nars off a blog sale for three bucks! Or ga sm (I put in spaces so the filter alarm won't go off). It's a great peachy tone with insane golden shimmer running through it. It glows! Also the formula is a PAIN. Really glad it was only three bucks.

It's tipped with Zoya Neely and stiped with Zoya Ziv for a fashion savvy manicure. Some of my regular readers might notice my squoval tip is gone in favor of a more rounded tip. I've been digging through what's hot this Spring and I've seen this shape popping up a lot! I love the look and plan to keep it for a bit.

The golden sheen in that Nars really makes this one worth working for, but it's VERY sheer. This is two coats.

In closing I have to wonder if it's a normal thing to change nail shapes based on times in one's life. I've been trying to learn about more in the fashion world. It's not something I thought I'd enjoy, but it's turned out to be a lot of fun! Do you ever change your nail shape?