Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hubby's Picks REVEALED (HP42)

Why hello everybody! Total disclaimer: Hubby feels I cheated on this week's picks. I say I've just outsmarted him. We'll let you decide. Plus I say he cheated. He picked OPI Black Spotted for a second time. Which, by the way, I will be hiding. To think I yearned and pined for that polish...

Long story short here you go. As a reminder the polishes chosen this week were Color Me Monthly Panther, Glam Polish Aurora, Dip Drop #144, and OPI Black Spotted. This is by far not my favorite Hubby's Picks ever, but it works.

Also my lighting is awful, awful, awful. I hate it when the sun doesn't do what I need it to do. BUT as you can see I have all the colors on my nails! No, no OPI Black Spotted is there. I promise. The black dots on the pink strip? That's what it does when you apply it with a striping brush! Ta-da!

This is a prettier, but darker picture of it. Because, of course, the sun still wasn't being my friend.

I just love the depth to Glam Polish Aurora. It's soooo pretty!

There you have it! Thoughts on my take for Hubby's Picks today? Leave me a comment! Also I am currently shopping for an upcoming giveaway so check back to see what's in store. Have an awesome evening!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hubby's Picks (HP42)

Well, well, well. Someone, apparently, thought last time was too easy. I asked Hubby to hit the polish cupboard with some new picks and he came back with four and a grin. He deposited these beauties into my hand and wished me luck.

Glitters, sheers, and textures. Oh dear. He did explain he knew perfectly well that that was OPI Black Spotted (a polish he has picked for a Hubby's Picks in the past) was not a solid black and that was all a part of his plan .

So the picks for this week: Color Me Monthly Panther, Glam Polish Aurora, Dip Drop #144, and OPI Black Spotted. I do have a plan formulating so we will see who wins this week. Not that it's a competition. Well maybe it any rate I will return on Sunday with the reveal. Have a great week! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cult Nails Quench and Cult Nails Blaze

I posted a teaser on my Facebook page and on my Instagram @mommydoeshernails that my Cult Nails haul had arrived! Four Cult beauties, and I'll be showing you two of them today.

For your viewing pleasure I give you Cult Nails Quench and Cult Nails Blaze:

Quench is a delicious red with a slight jelly-like formula. It is a dream come true. This is two coats and no top coat in direct light. This will definitely be my go to red.

Blaze is a mixture of gold and copper micro-glitters packed into a clear base. I have a serious love affair with micro-glitters. I just love how dense and sparkly this is. Pictured is three, thin coats and no top coat in direct light.

Now for a little added pizzazz! You know me, I can't just leave well enough alone.

The accent nail has a portion of the Pur-lisse tattoos from my Boxycharm I posted about yesterday. I love the look so much I've had to put off swatches of the second two Cult Nails polishes I got till tomorrow. Everyone have a good one, and be sure to pop over to Cult Nails before she closes up shop.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Janary 2015 Boxycharm

Hi charming gals! I recently started delving out into makeup, and found this subscription box. I've gone back and forth on whether to start posting it so be sure to let me know if you'd like to see this each month.

This is a monthly box for 21 dollars shipped and features 4-5 deluxe beauty samples or full-size products. Thus so far it's been four full-size and one deluxe size each month (this is month number four for me). I get billed the third of the month and don't get it till around the 21st of the month. It's hard not to be impatient for all my awesome goodies and I've fallen deeply in love with several products that I'll be repurchasing when I run out.

So onto this month. The theme was Celebrate in Style:

Beauty For Real Lip Pencil (full-size 14.00): This is supposed to be a shade to compliment all lip and skin tone types and can be paired with any lip color. Not sure how much I believe this, but I do like the color and I feel like it wears really well. I'm not too well versed in lip pencils, but this is firm, yet applies nicely.

Beauty For Real True Color Lip Cream in "Always There" (full-size 22.00):  This one I was really unsure of, but I've worn it several times and really fallen in love with it. It has a doe foot applicator and goes on glossy, but dries into more of  matte. Super wearable although it does feather after a few hours without a lip liner. Which is probably why they sent the pencil too.  As a bonus it has a light in the lid and a mirror on the side!

Mirabella Face Primer (full-size 29.00): So this is a face primer with vitamin E oil in it. I don't use face primers since I'm pretty oily and they tend to exacerbate the problem so I'll be giving this one to a friend who adores primers.

Pur-lisse Skin Sparkle Flash Tattoos (1 sheet 12.00): Ok so I've been seeing this trend pop up a LOT. The shiny gold and silver body tattoos. I think it's more of a summer look, BUT these are amazing as nail decals. I do have a look coming featuring these.

Tarte Maracuja Bronzing Serum (full-size 47.00): This was the show stopper. It's a huge bottle and it smells soooo good. I was definitely nervous about the bronzing aspect, but what it actually does is even out skin tone and give it a "glow". I've added it to my nightly routine and I am loving the results. It doesn't break me out or increase my oil production. It's totally awesome!

All in all this was a great box even if it felt more like a summer themed box by the contents. If you are interested in trying it out here's my referral link. I hope you enjoyed this and consider giving this box a go. It's got so much to offer especially to some of us just starting our foray into the world of makeup. Have a great evening all!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hubby's Picks REVEALED (HP41)

Well good morning everyone! It's a little damp and dreary over this way. Rainy season has finally set in. The kids are constantly fighting, which makes this mama a little irate at times. Thus a nice, bright manicure is definitely a need.

I've never attempted an argyle nail, and I thought Hubby would hate it since he hates argyle, but he says this is his favorite ever!

This took a bit of work, but it was an awesome one to rock. Everyone loved it and I got compliments everywhere I went. I want to try this out with a gold/white/peach combination.

Now I did mess up a smidge on the lines on the middle finger (they are slightly off center as I'm sure you can see), but I chalked it up to character.

Get the look:
  1. Lay down 1-2 layers of your base color. You should chose your lightest and least opaque color. I did Fingerpaints Where Art My Love.
  2. Take scotch tape and cut a piece off. Turn it diagonal and place on the nail about halfway up from the base. Choose your next lightest color and paint a layer of that. Immediately and carefully peel the tape back up. I chose Glam Polish Look at me I'm Sandra Dee.
  3. This is the tricky part. Make sure all layers are totally dry before attempting this part or the tape will undo all your hard work. Take two strips of scotch tape and lay them along the lines created by the second step, and cross them to leave a half diamond gap on the tip of your nail. Take your last color (Orly Smoked Out) and paint this last one and remove the tape. 
  4. Finally take your smallest striping brush, dip it in the last color and, starting at the base, draw lines up on the diagonal to reflect the lines already created. Repeat at the sides and up into the same color area.
  5. Top with your favorite top coat and you are done. If you choose lighter colors for the squares you could bring in a fourth color and do the lines in that.

So what do you think? Fun style? I can't wait to do it again in different color combinations.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Cult Nails Iconic and good-bye

So in my last post I mentioned that Cult Nails is liquidating. I thought I might share with you one of my favorites and let you know that, as of a little bit ago, it was still up on her site and 60% off!

This beauty is definitely a delicate one. I have this tendency towards reds lately. Apparently. At any rate Iconic is a wine or burgundy toned red with a very subtle golden shimmer and iridescent flakes running through it.

I love this on it's own, but I couldn't help but mess with it...just a little.

By the time I got the Julep Sienna suran wrap accent on them the lighting was starting to go so this is a lot colder toned then it was in real life, but I still loved this.

I don't know how much longer she will have her shop open, but she is good for the orders put in. There might be a bit of a shipping delay since she's gotten such a huge volume of orders, but check out what she still has in stock.

I know indies come and go, but I really never expected this one to. She had won awards and was really growing. It's just crazy to me that it's happening. I can't wait to share my haul that should be here in the next few weeks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hubby's Picks (HP41)

Why hello everyone! Today was my day off and I felt oh so perky and happy and VERY lazy. Like didn't get out of my pj's level of lazy. Stem your jealousy please I did do some laundry.

At any rate I informed Hubby he was picking colors. He quickly pulled himself away from raiding in WOW and made a beeline for the polish cupboard (yes I have an entire cupboard of polish) to pick colors.

Here's the deal. He only picked THREE saying, and I quote, "Well you're probably rusty so I didn't want to stump you right off the bat." Right. RIGHT! He does have a point. It has been awhile.

At any rate here you have it:

From right to left we have Fingerpaints Where Art My Love?, Orly Smoked Out, and Glam Polish Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee. I have a plan formulating already. The biggest hurdle? That Orly is a matte *gasp* and he thought he was making this easy for me. Wish me luck and I'll see you on Sunday!