Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Geometric art, tape manicure style!

Have you ever looked at a collection and had seasonal fever kick in? But then be torn? UGH! I'm so there right now. I'm a little over the summer heat, but I'm super loving going swimming with the kids every week. I love running around in flip flops (when I'm not at work), and the summer fruits and drinks, and camping. But fall.....oh fall.

Basically I'm trapped in between, and I'm pretty sure that's where this nail art came from. I got the August Julep box and the two colors that I fell instantly in love with are Julep Lizzy and Julep Ann. But I had stumbled across Julep Tatiana (an add-on I got months ago, but never played with) and BAM! The longing for fall...

Summer and fall got a little tangled up. But that's ok! I LOVE it so much! It's actually pretty simple to do too. You just need some nail vinyls (I got these in the Julep box this month, but about a million sellers on Etsy sell them too) and some scotch tape.

When you lay down your first color make sure it dries completely. I still stick the tape to my skin and pull it back off to keep the tape from pulling up the base color.

It's just a matter of taping from one edge of the nail to the other, paint, and pull the tape back up immediately. Wait to dry and repeat with the remaining color.

Ann is such an incredibly bright and summery pink and works so nicely against the coppery shimmer of Tatiana. Lizzy is a great base color and the vinyls just polish it all off.

Do you ever find yourself caught between seasonal fashion choices? I think it's just a great time to mix it up a bit. Thanks for reading! I still have that new monthly subscription coming so check back later!


  1. Such an interesting geometric design! I like it a lot.

    1. Thanks so much - I adore geometrics so much.

  2. The nail art is so original, the colors and the shapes give a depth to it and it makes this mani breath taking beautiful!

    1. Thanks doll! Depth is probably what I love most about using shapes so I'm glad it jumps out to you.