Saturday, August 15, 2015

Zoya Tris and Zoya Giada...and bubbling!

Today I am not going to swatch some of the new Fall Zoya polishes. There are blogs for that. Today I am combining two of them to show you how elegant, yet edgy, these beauties are.

 I'm a sucker for gunmetal so when I saw Tris I knew I needed it. NEEDED! But I also knew the formula would bubble on me. Which brings me to a point that I've been thinking about for awhile: bubbling. People are going to throw things at me I just know it.

Nail polish is a viscous solution. A very sticky and thick liquid that changes states as it becomes exposed to air and temperature. So while shaking your polish *may* cause a few tiny bubbles, that's not why it bubbles. If that was the case that can of paint you bought for your living room would bubble completely up...they mix the ever loving out of that before you take it home. Polish makers use the same method to create their colors. So your carefully stored polish that you never shake? It's been shaken like you wouldn't believe already. Sorry to spoil the fun.

Things that prevent the nail polish from adhering to your nail are what cause bubbling. Like:
  • Humidity (polishes are far more likely to bubble in the summer)
  • Solvents on the nail (oils, lotions, partially dried polish)
  • And sometimes good, old-fashioned body chemistry. 
Which is why I knew that Tris would bubble. She did. No shaking occurred. It's just how it is. I use a lovely, thick top coat to hide it and call it good. You may now throw rotten tomatoes at me.
 Moving along. The second polish I got was Giada. You know. Like Giada de Laurentiis? The pasta goddess! Ok so my other love is food. I can't even say second, because it's about on par. So I fell in love with the purple, saw the name, and had to have it. I have to say it's a purple that is as composed as her dishes. Heavenly sigh.

That's that for today. I do have that monthly sub box still coming. I ran into some issues making the video (which is why I take pictures for the record), but for better or for worse it'll be up soon.


  1. The design is so simple but chic! Very lovely.

  2. Like the bumper sticker says, *Bubbles Happen!
    Love those colors together. Great design.

  3. Very neat looking nail art. Simple yet elegant!

  4. Gorgeous! I love the finished look. It has a fairy tale feel to it for me. I don't know why but I instantly though of Cinderella. I know there's no Dragon in that story but my mind works in mysterious ways sometimes. lol