Hubby's Picks

Hubby's Picks was actually started by my husband AKA Hubby. In March of 2012 he suddenly went to my stash, picked out three polishes and challenged me to do a manicure using all three and no other polishes. The likes of which I pulled off. From there it became a regular and, more often then not, the most popular feature on my blog.

It has settled into a selection of four polishes posted Wednesday or Thursday with a manicure by that Sunday. Sometimes the schedule is a little off. In the last two years I've only had one total flop where I had to admit defeat (it was pretty bad, but I still posted if you want to see).

I love getting to do this with him, and I love that it was his idea. Click the image below to view from the most current to past Hubby's Picks. Hope you enjoy and if you try it out let me know - I'll post their (doesn't have to be hubby!) picks, manicure, and credit you too!

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