Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Let's double up! Summer Challenge Day 7 and Hubby's Picks (HP17)

Today was the kid's first day back to school. All weekend was the prep for that and a bit of stress over hubby's picks. More on that in just a sec. First let's do Summer Challenge: Glitter!

I was going to go glitter bomb but that felt too obvious so I decided to try a glitter sandwich for the very first time ever. I saw this way amazing red one over at Liesl Loves Pretty Things and felt way inspired. It's seriously HOT! Mine is much sweeter and more delicate then her on fire one though:

All I remember is that the glitter is the square glitter version of Essence Purplicious. But I was stunned that this effect seriously works! You put down a layer of polish, then glitter then a sheer polish and presto! Suspended glitter in a milky, frothy gorgeous manicure. Now, now for the fail. Well halfway fail. I did do SOMETHING with the polishes I was given. Sigh.
I just have no words. I tried out a lot of combinations and, trust me, this was the least offensive. However if I was a five year-old clown this would be a dream manicure. Just sayin'


  1. I love Jelly Sandwiches! I just did a guest post on OhThreeOhFour with my very first Jelly sandwich! They are so lovely and dainty! =) And LOL at the 5 year old clown! Hey not all of our attempts can be a success!

    1. That's what hubby said to me too. I think he's gloating though ;). I really do like this technique and totally need to try it more.

  2. LOVE your jelly sandwich its marvelous!!! The 5 yr old mani made me laugh at least you came up with something :)

  3. The jelly sandwich mani is amazing, loving it!

  4. I love soft jelly sandwiches- this is really pretty.

  5. LOL! So funny - I ended up doing two mani's too but for some reason can't post from work, so will have to wait until I get home to update. Now that I posted my second try, I like my first try better - of course!! I like both of these and I like how different they are!

  6. I actually like the second mani, I def don't think it's a fail I would be inclined to try my nails all like the middle and pinkie! X

  7. I really like your glitter sandwich it is so delicate!