Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To buff or not to buff - that is the question!

So I take of my polish last week to find *gasp* yellowed nails :(. Talk about a bummer! I kind of laid off a buffing block awhile back when I heard some random rumor that it'll make my nails thin and fall off (seriously and I believed it). Honestly, though, my nails are covered in color so what would the big deal be REALLY? Ummm the fact that I would know of course! So I'm at the store sneaking a new color home and I see the buffing block:
Top are not buffed and bottom are - what a difference! For instant mani slap over some top coat and you are done!
Don't think I'd recommend buffing every single week, but definitely every couple of weeks or so. The one I bought was the Trim for 2.99 at Target. Such a simple and cheap tool for such pretty results.
As I type this I can hear buffaloes galloping through the upstairs. How in the world kids who weigh less then 50 pounds can sound like hippos is beyond me...

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  1. Psh, you have hippos but I have elephants. FREAKIN ELEPHANTS, man. I need coffee.