Monday, July 18, 2011

Let's Luau with Oh La La and UFO

Yeah that title turned out....strange. Long and extremely busy weekend, but one of the nights involved a bachelorette party with a luau theme so I did my nails to match (this is an enabler haul funded manicure by the way). I've been trying out Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Cherry Fashion for stamping and over Sinful Colors Oh La La it is luau delicous!
It was truly a night of fun and my manicure was a hit (but anything themed usually is). I had a yummy mai thai (my first ever!)
It also paired nicely with my manicure don't you think?
So where's the UFO then? On my feeties! I don't really like doing my nails and toenails the same so this is a way around that. Sinful Colors UFO is a super chunky, orange based glitter polish. I just LOVE it!! Super shiny and different enough to satisfy my thing about not painting all my digits the same color. Didn't realize till I got there that I had Hawaiian flowers on my flip-flop straps too!

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