Monday, August 1, 2011

My Shattered Manicure - Minicure Monday

So this manicure started when I came downstairs to find that the toddler had pushed his sister's bench down the stairs and it went straight through the window. We live in a rental with a landlord who loves to nit pick every tiny thing. Apparently when we moved here we weren't supposed to actually "live" in the house. Gees what was I thinking right?

So to deal with my stress I created this mani:
OPI Not like in the movies meets Wet N' Wild Disturbia (two celebrity polishes) and I LOVE how Disturbia really brings out the purple duochrome side to this polish. Super fine glitter gives a lovely little shimmer (and reminds me of the glass lol).
You can really see the duality in this picture. Greyish-green with an incredible purple duo makes this one like an oil slick on the fingers (only much safer to have there).
Not the best picture in the whole world but you can really get the glitter in this one - this is with flash.
The image design is a Konad one from plate m73. I love my cheaper plates but the quality difference always jumps out at me when I stamp with a Konad plate. Such wonderfulness.

On the topic of Minicure Monday I feature my daughter's Lisa Frank-esque nails:
I saw this technique where you drop two colors of differing polishes on the design plate and then scrape straight across to get a "gradient" effect and it worked out beautifully! She loved this design so much.
Clean up is nearly impossible with her so I apologize for the design residue left on the fingers but, hey, she's five and what can I really do? I didn't realize till I was editing that she and I were both wearing green of a similar funny!


  1. Eek about the window!! Good luck! Love this! I need to try to stamp over OPI Not Like The Movies because I don't love it on it's own.

  2. That's the thing - I don't like it by itself either but with a stamped image over the top it totally transforms it and brings out the purple a whole lot more. Going to do it again only try with a green stamped over the top to see what happens - prolly a silver would do wonder too. It has definitely brought this one to life for me.