Thursday, September 22, 2011

Essence: Can't Cheat On Me

Remember getting up that one morning so many years ago to a mommy who was overly concerned about every detail of your outfit and hair and just knowing it was picture day? That was me on Tuesday. My daughter was primped and preened and I did her nails in my new Essence to accent the adorable silver stripes in her shirt.

I just love this brand and color. Little bottles, but packed with quality and pigment (I got mine for 99 cents). The brush is lacking but that's not unusual in smaller bottles of nail polish.
Micro-glitter - SUPER fine - jampacked and suspended in a clear, jellyish base this polish is all sparkley punch and no regret. I want to go back and buy a million bottles so I never run out!
Isn't she just picture perfect? Her hero is Angelina Ballerina - bet you couldn't tell ;)


  1. Really adorable, my mom used to do the same thing! She wouldn't let me get dressed until i was almost heading out the door.