Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mini-me: Cats eat fish!

Alrighty so you've probably figured out my daughter is adorable. That's not even just mommy-speak - she, literally, charms everyone she comes across. Even if I give them fair warning. Even if I tell them right then and there to BEWARE. They still fall under her giant blue, batting eyes and dimpled shirley temple cheeked smile spell.
Anyhow mom knows better. She is headstrong and such a diva. Which I both love and can't stand. Such is the mom/daughter relationship. At any rate I let her design her manicure and she tells me, matter-of-factly, "I want the cat on my thumbnail and the fish bones on my others nails because cats eat fish so that's how it is." How can you argue with that?
Isn't it cute though??
This is her favorite "nail" pose.

I apologize again for lack of cleanup - still working on this aspect of manicures with her. But she proudly showed these nails off to anyone who would look. Which, if you read above, is everyone. Because they are under her spell. So beware ;)


  1. Adorable :)

    What did you use to create the cat and fish?

  2. They were on the same plate from the MASH stamping plate set - sadly the set is currently unavailable on Amazon. :( Thanks for the nice comments everyone!

  3. Awww. Her little nails are so cute.

  4. I have the MASH stamping plate set - what number?

  5. Ok that's embarrassing - I went to look it up and was confused and suddenly realized the plate is from the first Bundle Monster set *blush*