Monday, October 10, 2011

My "Pink" Breast Cancer awareness post

So when PaA announced a pink Monday challenge I knew I wanted to head out and grab Wet N' Wild Hannah Pinktana. The swatches I had seen looked pink to me. I'd say this is a pink-purple or a purple-pink with micro-glitter that makes it hard to stop looking at *dreamy look*.
 So the swatches I saw were pink and this looks more purple to me. But observe:
Now we see more pink! It's like magic and with all that yummy microglitter amazingness I'm inclined to say it it.

Now this design comes from Konad stamping plate m4 (one of the first plates I ever bought). I was drawn to this design. The half face is so glamorous and yet so lonesome to me. I added the rhinestones as a woman facing something such a breast cancer sees how precious life is. Seeing through those eyes is something none of want to face but so many do anyhow.

When I was about 10 or 11 I remember reading this book about a young girl diagnosed with cancer. Not breast cancer of course, but I was so struck by the image she gave. How, in a time of no awareness, her friends pulled away from her like she was contagious. It broke my heart. This thumb art represents the pain and anguish a person who feels so separate and desperate.
Sorry for the long post. Many of us have lost loved ones to breast cancer (and other forms of cancer). I know I have. Be blessed and take a moment to seek out survivors and fighters to tell them you care.


  1. great post, very touching. the mani looks amazing! the rhinestone is the perfect touch, looove it!!!

  2. Thank you both for the wonderful comments!