Monday, March 12, 2012

Julep March 'IT' Girl with a guest appearance by Oscar

So Spring collections usually bring a plethora of pastels, creams, and sweet colors. Julep steps to it's own beat apparently starting with the neon colors in January, the jewels and glitter last month, and the odd mixture starring effects colors designed to pair with others that are sort of a mish mesh of whatever seemed cool at the moment. That being said I LOVED March's box.
There was a bonus nail file that said on it, but it wasn't anything special. The whole ordeal was tied together with a pretty bit of ribbon. Nice touch per usual Julep :)
My gal over at Constantly Redone scored Oscar in her February box and decided that gold glitter just wasn't her thing. So I decided a guest appearance was in order.
So I laid down the incredibly creamy and most spring-like color Charlotte. A nice lavender with no shimmer as seen in it's one coat glory on my middle finger there. Accent finger is in Jodie and stamped with Charlotte to see if she stamps. As you can see she does. The pointer finger is of most interest featuring the effects polish named Melissa. A pearly, white with blue shift it masks and blends with the color beneath it. Nothing overly new here but super gorgeous!
Same idea over here only reversed. I think the most unique combination of the box is Melissa over Jodie as seen on the ring finger - it looks super amazing and so different from it being over Charlotte. I think to get the most out of this one putting it over something contrasting is the best. I need to see it over black though...
At any rate a fun mix of colors that are pretty different from the other colors being released. And with so many companies copying each other this is refreshing :)


  1. I love the gold glitter of Oscar over the lavender! So pretty. Not sure I like it over the red. I love the opalescent color! Opal seems to be gaining popularity; I know Nicole by OPI released an Opal crackle. This makes me happy as opal is my birthstone. :)

  2. Oscar is one of my favorite glitter polishes. I usually hate glitter, but something about this polish just looks really chic to me, so I love it. :D

  3. Isn't it weird how amazing a simple gold glitter can be? But I'm totally in LOVE with this one <3

    I'm totally on the opal myself - but I did gift it to my friend who shares the name with the polish - I think she was pretty stoked!