Saturday, May 12, 2012

Looks like acrylics: HB(7)

So I was given this selection this week:
We've got Spoiled Shuffle The Deck, Color Club Artsy Crafty, Color Club Lumin-Icent, and Barielle Falling Star.
Because I knew he wouldn't expect it I put the glitter down first...which meant four coats just to get it sparse! It was a pain that resulted in THICK nails:

This manicure was a pain in the rump! But I think it turned out pretty cool :)


  1. I am SO IN LOVE WITH THIS! The 'peek-a-boo' stripe of glitter is absolutely genius! *slides into 'attempt later' picture file*

  2. Thanks so much! Yeah I was a bit surprised at the reverse look it gave. I wish I could have caught the full effect of the copper glitters cause it was AMAZING!!

  3. I love the always :) The design is interesting, especially the glitter stripe caught my attention!