Thursday, July 26, 2012

A smorgasborg of nail stuffs...and Hubby's Picks (HP13)

WOW! What a week! Are you read for a nice, big update? Without further ado we head back to last Thursday:
Dollish Polish haul! You can clearly see the names but I have to say this picture DOES NOT do these pretties justice. Random Dancing I got for my girlie over at Constantly Redone....but what she got for me FAR outdid this pretty mini! I'll get to that in a sec. Head over to Saturday:

The Dirty Dash is a muddy, 5k obstacle course and I HAD to do a manicure for it! It was AMAZING!!! Beer chug right smack dab in the center of the course and some of the craziest looking costumes you have ever seen. I can't wait to do it again next year!! By the way those "pants" I'm wearing are actually capris. I freaking kid you not!!

After that night I headed over to my girlie's house (Constantly Redone) and she tells me she has a surprise for me.
I kid you not - that is the sacred Cult Nails Clairvoyant!! *SQUEALS* I STILL can't believe it!!! I keep going to the cupboard and looking at it. I have wanted this since release last year, but waited till the shipment where they got the news it would no longer be made. It now belongs to can bet there will be an upcoming post on this beauty <3 Fast forward to today and we see that my guest post over at Trailerhood Chic is live!!!! Be sure to check it out - I seriously LOVE her blog.
Now, last but certainly NOT least, is hubby's picks:
From left to right we have Dollish Polish Master Chief, Julep Olivia, Julep Nessa, and Love & Beauty multiglitter.

WHEW that was a TON of stuff, but I haven't posted this week so I felt bad. It's been a really crazy week and I'm injured from the 5k and reinjured myself yesterday so everything has just been on hold. I have more fun things to show you but I know you can probably only take so much awesome in one post ;)


  1. Thanks for showing restraint, my head was about to explode. ;D The Dirty Dash sounds soooo ridiculously fun! And there's a beer chit in the middle? What the heck?! Dollish Polish haul...SaWEET, man. I'm holding out for I'm A Material Girl and will do my first website stalk in September for it. Many, many congrats on Clairvoyant. I can't wait to gaze upon it irl.

    1. You are so funny <3 It was insanely amazing and oh yeah - right in the middle of that muddy course. They had root beer too for the non beer drinkers. I wish I had known you were after that one Dollish Polish. I got these on a group order. I can let ya know if we do another one ;)