Sunday, July 1, 2012

Simple yet flashy! French tips+irridescent flakies

I did a review for the French Tip Dip Kit last year, but I feel the need to mention it again. I LOVE this kit. Whenever I need a quick and amazing looking manicure I pull it out. I can use any color I currently own to tip with or use the included GIGANTIC bottle of white.
The steps are:
  1. Pour color into the included pot.
  2. Dip selected tool tip in size to match your nail.
  3. Lay tool even to nail surface then lightly touch (don't push down) and pull away from nail to leave behind your tip.
  4. Once polish has dried paint the included sheer polish over to even out the tip to the nail. 
  5. Top off with the included topcoat for nice, shiny french style tips.
At step 4 I went a little different. Special effects top coats and glitter can be substituted in to create a jazzed up french tip look!
 I went with Zoya Chloe to even it all out but any effects would work. Essie Bisses and Kisses, CND pearl, shimmer, or sparkle, Essie Shine of Times, Pure Pearlfection, or As Gold as it Gets, Essence Night in Vegas....I could go on and on. Skies the limit really. I could see cool effects with nice, sheer jellies too actually.
The best part is this white on the tip holds up! This is three days of wear and no chips in sight yet. As a mommy I love having this kit in my arsenal. It ensures I can have a quick, easy manicure just about anywhere.


  1. Whoa!! You changed yours, too! It looks great-- not that there was anything wrong with the old one. A new look certainly is fun, though. How do you feel about it? I want this kit, now. A classic French looks so nice on real, well maintained nails.

    1. I love my new blog look - it's much more my style and now I have the reply for each comment which I really wanted and a custom header <3 This kit is NOT spendy and works sooo nicely. If you follow on Facebook they regularly post 20% off codes too.