Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dollish Polish Masterchief: Noble Team!

FINALLY I am posting up my Dollish Polish Masterchief manicure. This polish is the WORST of it's kind. BUT it's so worth it and if you are patient it will reward with you an incredible duochrome, holo, microshimmer frost finish that will blow your mind.
The bottle shot along with no topcoat on the nails. See this holo performs a little differently then other holos. It seems to need a topcoat to really shine. Additionally my hubby, a Halo aficionado, didn't feel the color as it is was a perfect Spartan armor match. So I put down 2 thin coats of Zoya Shawn first and then topped with 2 thin coats of Masterchief and he declared it perfect!
Additionally I asked him for a proper representation of Halo to put on my thumbnail and he felt that the Noble Team symbol was the best choice. Look at the green to golden orange under there? Or keep scrolling:
I had to use the water trick to get it to photograph right but this is, honest to God, what I see on my nails right now. 0.0


This is seriously sooo gorgeous and so worth the trouble. You know that polish you own that is a pain in the butt to paint but the result is something you just can't live without? Yup. That's this one. What do you think?


  1. Wow. Just wow. This shots are so amazing! I'm leaning my head back to keep from drooling on my compy.

    When you say pain in the butt, what do you mean? Is it streaky, bubbly, draggy? Long dry time? Temperamental in some other, undefined fashion?

    Seriously, though, it looks gorgeous. Your shots look fantastic and the color looks like a dream. If it keeps for more than a few days then yes, it is totally worth it.


    1. It tends to the thicker side so I had to be careful to do even, thin coats since it didn't seem to self level otherwise. No bubbling though which is a HUGE plus. BUT it's a holo that looked better WITH topcoat which preserved it from chipping for days!

  2. Did you just get your nails wet for the water shot?

    1. I did. I couldn't get it to photograph how it looked on my nails in real life and had read somewhere that you can do that to pull out the duochrome enough for photos. It totally worked!