Monday, August 13, 2012

One more shout out: Liesl Loves Pretty Things!

I gave Liesl Loves Pretty Things a shout out this morning, but I'm doing it again. Why? She's giving away a Butter London OF CHOICE! How awesome is that? She has a fantastic blog and now a fantastic giveaway. Quality content pairs so nicely with gorgeous swatches on her carefully thought out blog. Hit her up with a follow and have a chance at a Butter London while keeping up with a wonderful blogger.


  1. Thank you for another lovely shout out and lovelier description o' LLPT! You are hired as my publicist, lol. Polish is in the mail. ;)

    1. ROFL!!! A publicist huh...yeah I could do that! I'll just fit it in between my manicures and freezer cooking right? ;)