Friday, January 18, 2013

Water Spotted with Fantasy Fire

Hello lovelies how goes your afternoon? Mine is coffee-less (I'm working on cutting back right now) but I have a super cool manicure on to make me feel just as awesome as my fully coffeed self! Behold my water spotted:
Now I've tried OPI Spotted and the effect is similar but not the same. I started with Julep Taylor - a gorgeous blurple with one of the most pain in the arse formulas I have ever had the displeasure of working with - topped that with two thin coats of Max Factor Fantasy Fire (one of my most prized possessions) and then created the effect with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lacey Lilac. You can do the top part with any saturated polish really. Also I didn't have spray hand sanitizer so I found an old bottle of cheap body spray (first two ingredients were water and alcohol) when I saw that Nailderella had done that to create her effect. Genius! Now for OVERLOAD time:

In the wonderfully overcast and rainy state of Oregon getting Fantasy Fire to come out and play fully is a tough thing to do and this is actually even prettier in person if you can imagine that ;) What color combos can you see yourself trying this look out with?


  1. It's like a lacy FF! So beautiful! So fun learning about these new techniques that I *might* have a snowball's chance of pulling off. And wonderfully overcast.... Psh. But thanks for the optimism ;) Oh, and Julep's highly inconsistent formulae was the biggest reason I quit. I so wish that company was nicer because they really have some beautiful polishes. Every time I wear one, though, I'm reminded of why I quit in the firt place. :/

    1. It is and it was breath taking in person - freaking sun o.0 Also agreed on Julep...except for Sienna. It's amazing and I wish a different company made it :(