Saturday, February 16, 2013

February 2013 Nail Art Society Bag Review

I'm back with a review of Nail Art Society - and this is my last. I have officially cancelled. I couldn't even bring myself to make a video of this. Ugh.

The package:
Looks as though they may have switched back to the other mailers. Sealed up nice and tight. However the inner bubble bag was not sealed and everything just thrown inside.

Fingerpaints in Louvre This Pink
The Creme Shop gold chain
The Nail Stop pink lace
Clare dotting tool
unnamed gold Love decals
unnamed file block - buffing block? Who knows!

  • Fingerpaints is actually a decent brand. Yes this is from an old collection BUT the color and finish totally worked for this month. I wasn't thrilled with the color when I pulled it out initially but then I painted it and was stunned. Not only do I not own a shade like this BUT I freaking love it! I would never have bought this on my own so hooray! 
  • The look is very different. I've never really seen chain used on nails except to do the dangly nail stuff with. Lace is edgy and not something everyone thinks of. The mixed nails look is super in too.
  • THERE'S AN ITEM ADVERTISED ON THEIR SITE! Sad that it's a Creme Shop item but still...progress?
  • The look is extremely gawdy. Like last month's was. It's an over the top celebrity look. Also it won't hold up very long due to the chain. If you can get the chain on that is. You'll see my pinky is bare of chain and smudged. This is because I could not get the chain to stay on there. Also I didn't outline the heart. Yeah even with my nail art skills that is tough.
  • This is not worth 19.95. This is not even 9.95 worth. 

Ok I'm just going to stop there. I could go on and on but it's basically the same thing every month. Old polishes. Over the top "celebrity" looks. Very cheap items. Poor presentation. Lack of items advertised (as a subscriber I read advertised as promised). On another blog back in the beginning of this program I read that they felt it was just going to be old, discounted polishes pushed together to "make" looks and I have to agree. So goodbye Nail Art Society and I really hope you find your footing at some point. I really love the idea of it. But the execution is just not what I was hoping for. Here's this month's "look"
The look - I did a little of it but gave up.
 Let's play find the lace! Trust me - it's in the shape of a heart ;)

Seriously isn't that pink just gorgeous??? I'm thinking up things to try with the lace and the chain so those will probably be popping up in upcoming posts.


  1. That is a gorgeous pink, but what a ridiculous ripoff! Ugh. There's art and there's art, and clearly, tbis isn't you in any way.

    1. It really isn't and it is such a rip off. They defend it on their page as being a single look and that they aren't a sample company, but this is NOT 20 bucks worth. When you go in for a manicure they are using salon quality polishes with the latest trends. So sad though :( I just so badly wanted it to be amazing.

  2. I think your toned down interpretation looks a lot better than the one in the photo! I would use this brilliant Marketing idea though to intruduce new products - but then who asks me ;-)!!! I love the pink though :-)

    1. Awww thanks so much! I am looking forward to playing with the idividual pieces I got. I so hear you - I mean contact Zoya, Essie, BL and the others to talk minis of current or upcoming collections. Even if it was a mini it'd so be worth it! So much potential just wasted. But, as you said, who asks us ;)