Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Wonder of Cool Jade

So I went MIA again. I've had a LOT of design work come in. Mix that with a house to run and a schedule absolutely filled to max capacity and a couple of baby showers and my baby's birthday all in the mix and, well, I've been MIA. So it's just a quickie today but I absolutely adore this combination so much!
 Isn't it pretty?? The base color is Max Factor Cool Jade which my wonderful friend over at Liesl Loves Pretty Things surprised me with. Over the top is Glam Polish Wonder which is this super amazing mix of red, deep blue, and gold glitters reminiscent of, you guessed it, Wonder Woman! Oh nerdy goodness.

The base is two coats and I have to say that, while I love Max Factor formula, I hate the brushes. VERY stiff and difficult to work with. But this dusty teal is worth the work. That's one layer of the glitter (she PACKS the bottles full of glittery goodness). Then, to top it all off, Butter London matte topcoat. Something about matte glitter is just so appealing.

As you can see I'm still working with natural light. No lightbox yet - I just haven't' had time to get one or go get the lighting. I think by the time I do we'll be back at summer! Oh life how swiftly you run. So I'm off to design a pirate door sign for this baby's 4th birthday. Pirate theme!!! Wanna see the invites??? Ok since you begged:

Isn't it awesome?! I can hardly wait!!


  1. Beautiful nails!!! This combination is just right up my alley and I love mattified glitters!!! And such a fun Invitation :-)

    1. Thanks so much - something about matte glitter is just intensely amazing.

  2. Life does indeed get in the way of blogging, in fact I really need to get off this computer right about now, lol. This looks so fun and lovely, perfect for a birthday party :) The invitation is awesome and I wanna go!!! lol. Have a fun time with your boy :)