Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Nail Art Society REVIEWED

I know, I know I thought I was cancelled as well. So I was a bit surprised, again, when I received my package. After checking Paypal I saw I hadn't been charged so I couldn't, in good faith, use the package contents. Even though this was the first I had opened and been genuinely excited by the contents! So I patiently awaited an email from them as to what to do with the package and tore eagerly into it when they emailed, rather quickly, that they were happy I liked the kit this month.

I did re-subscribe. They showed a tease preview for next month and it is WELL worth it. However I hold my reservations. Communication on the change in bags was NOT EVER conveyed which is not ok. It just isn't. Why they get mad at people asking what's going on when they haven't even clearly communicated what is happening to the subscriptions, the expectations THEY built, for their customers is just beyond me. But having gone through Paypal and seeing that I can cancel that way I feel secure in going for another few months to see what happens.

The package:
This is pretty much figured out at this point. Black mailer with smaller bubble pouch containing the contents within. I've never gotten anything broken so it's working. No complaints. :)

  • How to card (Including this since it's actually relevant this time)
  • Nail glue
  • Kiss Nail Artist kit
  • Striping tape in S. Aqua
  • Bow kit
I've been eyeing this Kiss Nail Artist kit - it alone makes this bag very nearly worth the 9.95 being both a new, trendy item and retailing at 7.99. So I was overjoyed to see it in this month's bag. I don't know how much the bow kit is but they usually retail anywhere from 3-8 dollars a set. Add in the striping tape and nail glue and you are over the 9.95 but at least several dollars if not more.

Top this off with a look inspired by the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer runway line and sporting the very trendy stripes and bows look and you have both the bag and trend value wrapped up in a neat package. I LOVE the addition of alternate looks at the bottom of the card. The very simple step by step is well illustrated.

This bag is a win completely! It's what I was waiting for. I don't care if I don't get OPI's or Butter London. I DO care that I was led on and then treated poorly for asking for clear communication. Apparently this is how you treat customers.They forget THEY advertised one look a month featuring polishes from their site. They forget that they made the price jump and promised details on what that would mean and then never followed through. I have all the cards, packages, screenshots, and emails.

BUT I am giving it one more go. So we shall see. They may be working out the kinks. Or it may be a temporary thing. We shall see.

For now the looks:
As you can see there's a LOT of options with this month's kit. Also did I mention I love bows?


  1. I just cancelled last month and it's kinda disappointing to see they start stepping up NOW. I'm happy they're figuring it out though, even if it's too late for me!

    1. I thought the same thing actually! I had seen someone's bag and was like, "Really? I'm subscribed through four junky bags and NOW they figure it out?!" You should get in on next month's though even if only for the one month.

  2. Oh my, your manis are so cute! I love the bows... they are just so girly and sweet! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thanks so much - I totally agree too! Sweet and girly <3

  3. Two very fun looks. Second look reminds me of Mickey Mouse.

    1. Thanks and it totally does doesn't! Funny thing is I was trying to match it to my outfit for that night which was anything but Mickey. At least I hope not...hrmmm....