Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hubby's Picks 28

Hubby picked some very bright and fun colors this time around. I was pretty happy to see Glitter Guilty Radioactive in the box and I feel Zoya Audrina compliments it perfectly!
I've been fascinated with the sideways half-moon manicures popping up everywhere. I happened to be wandering through Fred Meyer yesterday and spied the Essence display. They have french tip guides. FOR 99 CENTS!! I had no clue they'd be in my Hubby's Picks manicure. Ok. Confession time here. I had no clue till about 10:30 last night when pinning all the things on Pinterest what I was going to do. Then I saw a bow tie bikini and it all just came together.

Here's how to do this lovely look:
  • Layer your base color. I did two coats of Glitter Guilty Radioactive here. Allow it to dry between coats. I waited about five minutes between each coat.
  • Use Essence French Tip guides (or any french tip or half-moon guides) and lay it sideways on the nail making sure to press it down so the next color doesn't seep under the sticker. Brush one layer of your second color (Zoya Audrina here) and immediately peel the sticker back up for a nice, clean line.
  • On the accent finger use a fine brush to create a box (Butter London Victoriana) at the halfway point on the half-moon line. Next create a triangle starting at the top of the box corner on each side. Fill it in using the half-moon line as a guide for the bottom of the bow. Draw triangles down into the first color with the fine brush.
  • Clean the fine brush and then go back and accent the bow with a small "v" shape on the large bow triangles and a highlight on the bow triangle tails. Do this in the last color (Color Club Sky High). 
  • Finally create a series of dots on the remaining fingers starting the halfway point and using the half-moon line as a guide. 
All of the dots were done using the same dotting tool. To get the smaller sized dots use less pressure. I start by making sure my tool has been dipped in the paint up to covering half the ball. I push it all the way down for a larger dot, then apply less and less pressure with each new dot. This creates smaller dots as you go. It takes a little practice to get it right so I suggest taking a piece of paper and trying it there first.
There you have this week's Hubby's Picks. I have so many more bow ideas now! If you ever recreate a Hubby's Picks I'd love to see it and share it! Email it to mommydoes @ (be sure to remove the spaces) along with any information you'd like included (link to blog, thoughts, etc) and I'll share it on the following weeks' post. For now have a great day!


  1. Cute mani! Another set of great picks from your husband, and great job to you for putting it together! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thanks so much Yun - I am so digging bows lately. He set it up BEAUTIFULLY!