Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hubby's Picks! (HP28)

So I'm to an official box on my unboxing, but I need to jazz it up and make stickers. For now I wrote it in so it's all official and stuff:
See? Official! Officially wrote HP27 then scribbled HP28....also officially broke the seal. Also officially realizing you could see this two ways: the beta version or the redneck version. Since I'm a nerd we'll go beta. If you like video click here for Hubby's Picks (HP28) unboxing.
We have Butter London Victoriana, Zoya Audrina, Color Club Sky High, and Glitter Guilty Radioactive. Also Kahlua. Which is rum with coffee liqueuer. I've been alcohol free for a fat loss diet for nearly two month's now (down 20 pounds!). In the oh so over-quoted yet forever famous and always poignant words of Jack Sparrow, "But why is the rum gone?" Sigh. All for a noble and worthy cause my man.
Oh Jack I feel your pain.


  1. SO much win in this post. Thanks for posting old school so I can see the pics - you know how my satellite feels about video. And I'm with you and Jack - some coconut rum would do this momma good.

    Anywho, I love that he picked your new Glitter Guilty. I love all of them, but extra win for that one.

    1. Oh I'll keep it old school too - I will never go away from having the line up here. We need a night of coconut rum - just sayin'

      I'm stoked he picked it!! Now to display its awesomeness...