Sunday, June 9, 2013

Guest Post: Hubby's Picks Ikat print (HP31)

*I'm still on vacation, but I KNOW you are dying for the reveal of Constantly Redone's Hubby's Picks. Did she succeed in combining her hubby's picks into a stunning manicure. Oh my did she! I love it!!!*
After ditching the initial urge to run with the Army theme I picked up in the polishes my military man chose, I spent some time pondering what manicure I should attempt.  I've been seeing a lot of the ikat manicure around, so I decided to run with it.  The first time I saw the ikat print, I honestly hated it - but a lot of my eventual loves start out that way.  Toms for example.  And Starbucks.  Mmm...coffeee.....*shiny eyes*

Sorry, I digress.  The base color is Zoya "Tao", a metallic pewter colored polish, and then I used my China Glaze "Matte Magic" to add some texture dimension to the look. I followed Kayla Shevonne's ikat tutorial found here (, which is excellently done.  Zoya "Purity" in all her stark white wonder worked perfectly for the base of the ikat print, and I think Zoya "Shawn" really pops as the only "color" in the look.  Finger Paints "Black Expressionism" finishes off the look - which I went ahead and fell in love with!  I added a bit of seche over the pattern itself, making sure to leave the background in all it's matte glory.  What's with this love/hate pattern to my interests anyhow?

As a nice bonus, this mani totally matches the view of my yard.  My grey porch and green grass were just made to be a backdrop to these photos.  I hope you enjoyed the look, and the guest post.  I know we all look forward to Candice's return - but I personally hope she has a great time on her vacation.  That, and avoids tornadoes, because I desperately need her to return so I keep what little sanity I have left.

Constantly Undone (Frankie)


  1. It looks good! The colors really worked well together here :)

  2. I knew you'd figure something out besides army and you totally delivered ♥ This looks very cool and I want a wrap dress that looks like your nails.

  3. Aw thanks! You'd totally rock a wrap dress...I may have picked up a tank top with the ikat pattern on it today. I've been won over!!!