Saturday, June 15, 2013

May Nail Art Society and why I'm finally leaving

Still with the company??? Ok I admit I canceled after the disaster of March's bag, still got April's bag and made sure my account was gone. Then they showed the preview of May and it was FINALLY a great bag. So I signed back up and waited. Then waited. And waited some more. I emailed and got a very quick and very apologetic response. She sent me two kits and sent two kits to friends. I gave my extra to another friend who has been considering Nail Art Society and got down to business with my kit.

The Package
First off the contents were stellar. Far above the 9.95 price. The packaging is the usual black mailer with smaller bubble mailer and literature inside. Several suggested looks which made this bag over the top versatile. Guess what? They FINALLY caught on! Day and a dollar too late...

This was all Kiss product. The total value was 39.95. Not bad!

  • 2 Kiss Nail Dress nail strips sets
  • Kiss Marbelizing pen set
  • Kiss Nail Artist set (the stripers)
  • Kiss Nail Artist art stickers
  • Kiss Nail Artist nail decorations (gems and baubles)
I decided to go ahead and try two of the looks and then do one of my own. All images use product exclusively from these kits aside from base and top coat, and Zoya Snow White in the first look.

I chose to recreate the second look. I just love how fun and bright it is! I changed it up slightly, but isn't it great? The stripers in this kit are phenomenal. The nail stickers are a little less flexible then I'd prefer, but super fun as an accent and fit great. Also whenever I type stripers my computer puts red lines under it and I'm afraid I'm spelling something else. Which doesn't have lines under it after I double and triple-check. But I digress....

I knew the second I pulled this card out I was going to try this. I did try marbling with this kit but it totally didn't work. Like epic didn't work. Like wouldn't dry and looks like those cheap lamp beads that grandma buys for beading with. HOWEVER the pens are amazing for fine designs.

The bow came out of the Kiss Nail Artist decorations kit. It's unbelievably cute and one of my favorite bow accents to date.

This last look was just me trying to use something from each kit. I didn't manage to get a nail shield in, but I tried a lot of the techniques.

The neon orange flower is a stencil in the Nail Artist set. The base is one of the colors from the marblizing kit. Accents from the nail art stickers set and the decorations set. There was sooooo much to be had in this one! PUT ALL THE THINGS ON THE NAILS!!!

My conclusion:
I am actually finally done. Nail Art Society has shut down for the month of June, issued refunds, and announced that they are revamping their system. Yay right? They have also announced that they are NOT going to have Paypal as an option. That was the only reason I had signed up. It was a safety area so I could cancel when I needed to. Without that safety net I'm out till I can see that they actually put in a system that works and can keep up with communication and stop doing shady things like shutting off communication on Facebook which was the only place customers could get answers for a long, long time.

Here's to hoping that they do pull it together and can keep putting out bags like this. I may get back on board after I see it all come together. For now the past speaks pretty loudly so I'm going to sit this one out.


  1. It came with some great stuff this month :)

    1. It really did and I am definitely hoping they can keep it up. This is more suited to them anyhow.

  2. Sounds like they a) figured something out or b) hired someone who did. At any rate, the quality of the supplies and how they come together is quite apparent. Silly to not have paypal as an option, though. Hmmm....

    Btw it comes as no surprise to me that I like your created look with all the things best ♥

    1. FINALLY right! ;) Yeah I think the removal of the paypal safety net is really going to harm them. The past is still looming so it's just not a great choice in my opinion. Such a pity...thanks so much - I REALLY love the sparkly tips on my look.

  3. Your nails came out great! I had massive problems with the company too. They apologized and sent extra goodies. This was the best month for the program. But they are so plagued with problems it's not worth it to me. Which is a real shame since I love the idea of the monthly subscription for nail art.

    1. Totally agreed. The extras were nice to be sure and I very much appreciated it, but hopefully this revamp will prove to be amazing and, somewhere down the road, we can return to such a great subscription service idea that follows through.