Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hubby's Picks AND the manicure reveal! (HP34)

So today I have both the Hubby's Picks and the reveal today. He did pick earlier this week, but the week happened, and my blog post fell victim to it!

From top to bottom we have Julep Jackie, CND Emerald Shimmer, Glam Polish Twink, and Lac Attack Butterfly Kisses.

Without further ado the reveal (I LOVED this week's manicure so much!!)

 I have been fascinated with the sheer looks over naked nail so this was entirely inspired and spurred forward by his choice of the CND effects polish. Love, love, love <3

  • First I laid down two coats of CND Emerald Shimmer.
  • Next I loaded up the Julep Jackie brush and laid it down on the nail at the far side and then pushed up slightly to make it "bead" and create the circular tip and then pulled it back down to the tip of the nail to fill it in. I repeated this in stairs across the nail.
  • I repeated the process with Glam Polish Twink to create the layered ruffle look.
  • Last I fished out a butterfly for each nail and place it on the part of the nail just sporting the CND and spread a few dots around it.
  • Finally I topped it off with Seche Vite to even it out and create a pretty shine. 

That's it! If you try out this Hubby's Picks look or any Hubby's Picks look email the photo and your information and I'll feature you on the following week's Hubby's Picks. Mommydoes @ (be sure to remove the spaces!)


  1. Replies
    1. Cloud! That was the word I was looking for, but my poor, non caffeinated brain just would not produce anything other then ruffled. Because, you know, that's a far simpler word then cloud. Thanks so much :)

  2. The butterflies!! This is absolutely adorable! I haven't a creative bone in my body but I found myself trying to figure out how these were all going to work together. I bet Tim's not sporting that smug little smile anymore ;)

    1. It's all in the balancing act and I usually fail the first go. I actually had a striped idea first and then realized it just wasn't going to layer correctly and whipped this one together instead. He totally isn't though this wasn't really his favorite. Funny - it's quite popular on IG so far though...I really think I'll make a video of him picking soon!

  3. Oh my gosh, this mani is just so freaking cute! Love it so much! I swear, if you lived closer to me, I'd be knocking down your door demanding you do this for my nails too. :D

    ~ Yun

    1. Oh my goodness Yun I'd so love to do this for you too - how fun would that be?!