Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hubby's Picks REVEALED! (HP39)

This is going in my top five favorites! I call it stripes on stripes.

This week's selection are Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Midnight Glitz, NYC Skintight Denim, JulieG Tangerine Dream, and Julep Julianne.

What was really fun was that Tangerine Dream took on a golden appearance which made this manicure more elegant.

Get the look:
  • I started with the solid creme, Julep Julianne, and waited for it to dry completely. Since I was going to be covering most of it up I only did one coat.
  • Next I cut thin strips of tape and laid them diagonally on the nail. Taking Sally Hansen Midnight Glitz I used the dab method to apply glitter to the bottom untaped portion of the nail, then used JulieG Tangerine Dream on the top untaped portion of the nail. You need to be quick on this part as you want to pull the tape back up immediately to avoid pulling the colors back up. That's how you'll get nice, clean lines.
  • Finally I used a fine striping brush to apply stripes of NYC Skintight Denim to pull the look together. It helped "section" off the glitter. The trick to getting a nice line is to lay the striper on the edge of the nail and roll the nail under the brush.
  • Apply your favorite top coat (I've used Seche Vite to avoid dragging my nail art), and you are done!

I know that taping is a daunting task, but this actually didn't take me long and it was pretty easy to replicate on my other hand as well. I plan to sport this look for a couple days - I love it so much!

I challenge you to do a Hubby's Picks (or significant other picks or kiddo picks or hamster picks - whatever floats your boat) and email me at mommydoes @ (remove the spaces) so I can feature you on next week's post. Have a fantastic day!


  1. Replies
    1. You are such a doll - thanks so much!

  2. I really liked this. I like it so much I showed it to MY husband, hoping he'd be inspired and start picking polishes for me. ;)

    1. I hope he does - it's a really fun thing to do. Hubby is always amazed by the results and it helps me to think outside the box.