Wednesday, October 15, 2014

ColorMeMonthly Pennywise (October 2014)

First off wow I've been gone a long time! Got lots happening this direction, and I'm considering a slight shift in the blog to make it grow a little more with me. More on that later though.

For quite some time I've been getting a nail subscription box called ColorMeMonthly (CMM), and I was on the verge of unsubscribing. I loved first. But after months of cremes and like one shimmer I was just about done. But then this month came. Oh.My.Goodness. I couldn't be happier I stayed!

Wha.....?! Talk about left field here! I'm thinking I might do a comprehensive post to show the polishes I've gotten to date just to show how unexpected this was. It's called Pennywise.

The formula is silky and dries super quick. Above is two coats, natural indirect light with NO topcoat. I can not get over this. It's super incredible. A duochrome from pink to coppery-orange.

Each month has a little haiku on the card. This month's is:
is it heads or talks
lying on the street corner
abraham lincoln

About the monthly subscription:
This is a monthly box focused on one thing: the polish. The packaging is clean and simple with just a card in the box, and packed in a plastic ziplock style bag. It's 7/mn shipped. Each month's color is picked based on current fashions and trends. Take a look at You can actually cancel your subscription and renew it right under your account. It's super easy and I've tested it out to make sure it works.

*Monthly subscription is paid for by myself and my review is based on my reflection of the product.*


  1. Welcome back! This is such a beautiful polish, so versatile and amazing!

  2. Ga-ga-GORGEOUS!!! Digging the haiku, too. Makes me want to get all poetic and share them on my fb, lolol (apologies in advance). Personally, I would be totally down with months of cremes... You should totally do a comprehensive bottle spam post! ♥