Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hubby's Picks REVEALED (HP42)

Why hello everybody! Total disclaimer: Hubby feels I cheated on this week's picks. I say I've just outsmarted him. We'll let you decide. Plus I say he cheated. He picked OPI Black Spotted for a second time. Which, by the way, I will be hiding. To think I yearned and pined for that polish...

Long story short here you go. As a reminder the polishes chosen this week were Color Me Monthly Panther, Glam Polish Aurora, Dip Drop #144, and OPI Black Spotted. This is by far not my favorite Hubby's Picks ever, but it works.

Also my lighting is awful, awful, awful. I hate it when the sun doesn't do what I need it to do. BUT as you can see I have all the colors on my nails! No, no OPI Black Spotted is there. I promise. The black dots on the pink strip? That's what it does when you apply it with a striping brush! Ta-da!

This is a prettier, but darker picture of it. Because, of course, the sun still wasn't being my friend.

I just love the depth to Glam Polish Aurora. It's soooo pretty!

There you have it! Thoughts on my take for Hubby's Picks today? Leave me a comment! Also I am currently shopping for an upcoming giveaway so check back to see what's in store. Have an awesome evening!


  1. How nice! I like the use of negative space to this deign too.

  2. Love the negative space effect with these wonderful colors. You nailed it again!

  3. I LOVE how you outsmarted your husband!!
    I wonder if I can get mine to pick polishes for me...

  4. I like how this turned out..very 80s but with an updated twist!