Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Allow me to explain

I am a mommy who loves having her nails done....I repeat I am a mommy....who.loves.having.her.nails.done. Yes those work together, though they are tricky. It goes something like this:

1. Mommies cook, clean, and love on their babies
2. Mommies don't have a lot of excess money to go be pampered at a salon
3. Mommies can bargain hunt with the best of them

Therefore I have already amassed a large amount of polishes with the purpose of saving money while having a fun and long-lasting manicure so I am always dressed up even when I'm scrubbing marker off the walls.

Also I have a daughter - guess what she loves? Oh yeah - so Mondays will be Monday Mini's and will feature my tiny coblogger's adorable little nails. She has a collection all of her own to share. Oh and she's cute and she'll be sure to let you know she is.

With that look for upcoming blogs featuring nails care, fave brands, stamping tutorials and tips, and the cutie in my home who is also addicted to polish. Like mommy, like daughter right?

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