Saturday, June 25, 2011

July 2011 China Glaze Crackle Metals!

Ok so I got a teal crackle from an undisclosed source from the new Crackle Metals line that releases next month!!!! I run home to tell hubby:
Me: No one can buy these yet!!!
Him: Ok?
Him: That's exciting I take it?
Me: *face palm*
Constantly Redone was excited with me (though not as over the top as I was because, let's face it, I'm an excitable person.
Aren't they gorgeous?!?! I grabbed the teal one and decided to try out a diagonal crackle (which works really nicely) over a variety of colors so you can see how it comes out:
 Middle finger is Dream On by Sinful Colors, pointer and ring fingers are White Matte Suede by Revlon (more to come on that polish), and the thumb and pinky fingers are sporting Zoya Ibiza. Metal is so versatile that I tried it over Not like the Movies from the OPI Katy Perry line:

So much glam and glitz!!! I can't believe I scored a polish that isn't available to the public yet!
On a random mommy note - while I type this it is dead silent. ALL OF THE CHILDREN ARE NAPPING! Could this post, honestly, get more amazing????


  1. I really like how the teal looks over White Matte Suede by Revlon. Fun color!

  2. Whatever. Just cuz I didn't pee on the floor a little doesn't mean I wasn't excited. Oh wait, I probably wasn't supposed to share that.

    Oh well, see what happens when the mike's in the fridge distracts me from the drumstick in the freezer? Besides, the pee was probably more from all the babies than the nail polish. Kegals are important, folks, and THAT is the moral of the story.

    Oh, and there's some award type crap with your name on it on my blog. And stuff.

  3. I think over the white is my favorite so far, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to do this again over black and do a diagonal tutorial - thanks for your nice comment KB!

  4. Ever have that one friend who goes with you to buy nail polish and then blogs about the pee spill (I SWEAR it was the dumb coffee we smuggled in) next to the crackle display? I mean, come on, just because it's in a suspicious location and I just HAPPEN to be in the area doesn't actually mean anything - lets be real now. Oh yes and CRACKLE, CRACKLE, CRACKLE!!!!!!

  5. Put you pantyliner on, cuz I'ma say it again...crackle!

    Also, I left my Crushed at your house. I am, crushed. Still.