Friday, June 24, 2011

My confession...and an enabler haul!

So, I've been thinking (which leads to dangerous things) and I've decided to stop writing like a nail polish blogger and start writing like a mommy who does her nails.....yeah that sounded more amazing in my head. At any rate you don't really see the whole mommy side of me so I'll be adding some random, and slightly bizarre, mommy happenings that occur during nail painting...such as the currently fighting 5 and 6 year-old boys who are slapping each other's really.
Onto bigger and better things like the nail haul that made it's way into my home a few days ago yesterday! My sister blogger over at Constantly Redone had a fabulous anniversary weekend (read: everything went wrong and she got sick on top of it all). So I stole her children so she could rest (honestly she was looking a bit zombie like and I was worried for her mental health). She returns, napped, children living and holding a bag with some amazing goodies she picked know....cause she's an enabler supporter of my addiction hobby.
From left to right: Wet N' Wild Graffiti line: Scratchiti, Undercover Graffitti, and Writings on the Wall and OPI Katy Perry line: Teenage Dream and Not Like in the Movies. Swatches and more to come.

Onto the confession. Here it goes: I hide nail polish in my purse! You the significant other doesn't know I bought more (being that I already have over 20 I haven't even tried yet). I see sales, clearances and coupons and can't seem to help myself! So now you know and I feel better know - until the next polish *devious look*


  1. Now my confession: I totally thought that they were crackles. Which I think that W&W wants you to think,I mean look at them. Misleading. W&W should be spit upon by camels. Or at least have a giant metal chicken knock at their door.

    <---convinced W&W is run by men. Mean men.

  2. Giant.Metal.Chicken *keels over laughing*.