Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pedal to the Metal baby!

So I absolutely adore the brushes on the Sally Hansen Total Salon Manicure nail polishes but I have yet to be impressed with the polish itself. Not going to stop me from trying to love it though! Pedal to the Metal is an incredible silver with a definite purple base to it. No glitter, but all wonderful sheen. Streaky mess though, but I am going to give it another try. I read that you have to roll your polishes and not shake them or bubbles occur which can cause that "bubbling" issue I've had. I am going to start trying this. At any rate:
And here's a picture of the brush (yeah I made the mistake to not turn on the flash but you can see the brush quite nicely:
So, all in all, a lovely color and a love brush but the streaky nature is a bit lack-luster. Stay tuned for my next try of this one. 


  1. The color is really pretty! I like this kind of silver (with a hint of purple = <3 )
    Yeah, it's true for the bubbles. Try like that!

  2. It is such a unique silver that I can not part with it - I have started rolling my polishes and not shaking and no bubbles!! Hoping this stays...