Monday, June 20, 2011

Minicure Monday - orange is in you say?

Or rather I said that! I've been up since 5 this morning (came wide awake to a happy 2 year-old shriek). Turns out he was laughing and talking in his sleep. While this is cute it makes for one tired mommy.
Weekend update: so I redid my nails for Friday but they chipped instantly. The culprit? A crack in one of my carefully grown nail! So today I am clipping them ALL down *sob* for Minicure Monday. Here's a minicure flashback while I file, shape and buff:
You were probably beginning to wonder if this mom had lost her marbles and was just jabbering colors. Another from the Hello Kitty collection and bright to boot. No shimmer in this one; it's cream all the way and so much fun.
Mini-me saying she's tired of mommy taking pictures of her nails. Is there such a thing?!?!


  1. Hahaha! I can totally understand that!lol

    Hello Kitty~ and want some orange nail polishes at the moment...!!

  2. Aren't her polishes just so cute? Hello Kitty+nail polish=instant win. However they are cheap. Which is sad :(