Friday, July 1, 2011

Born Pretty Plates vs. MASH Plates: Full Nail Design

So a comment from an understanding follower (sorry - I will explain in a moment why it took me all day to get this up) has led to this post. At any rate thanks so much for your patience! So we have another Born Pretty vs. MASH but we've got full nail designs this time. When you look at the plates they look about the same size. You can see a few differences but the size is about the same:
From your perspective the right is Born Pretty and the left is Mash. I bought the Born Pretty plate first and got it almost solely for the floral design. Lets see how it stamps:
Born Pretty on top and MASH on bottom. I have tried and tried to get the floral to stamp with Konad polishes and a variety of other polishes I have to say I DO like the second in design for the Born Pretty plate better, but that wasn't the one I bought it for and the other designs stamp worlds better.

See that disaster on my thumbnail??? Yeah that's coming up....water marbling for the win right? OY!

Onto why this took me all day. I heart toddlerhood....or I would if I wasn't missing half a bottle of Zoya and a quarter bottle of Seche Vite that is. He is in 2 year-old overdrive mode and DRIVING ME UP THE WALL!!!! I told him yesterday, "You are driving me crazy!" and he toddles around happily declaring, "Crazy, crazy, crazy!" Well at least he has some good humor about it....


  1. Firstly, thank does seem as if they will be a hit and miss purchase. I really like the way swatch #2+3 stamped, but I agree that #4 is disappointing.

    LOL, your toddler is too cute, mine just turned 2 and def gets into all the trouble he can.

  2. Also,I think MASH is way better than the Born Pretty based on your two comparisons, and I would rather spend the few extra dollars and get the Konad plate...for the M65 that MASH does not have. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Amy

  3. I completely feel the same way. I just love my MASH plates and, aside from one minor defect, feel they were so worth the purchase. Coming up: a french tips plate review as soon as I receive the Konad one (bought the Born Pretty one and what a disappointment!) Thanks so much for the suggestion, for reading, your comments, and understanding!