Friday, July 1, 2011

Fab Friends Friday....on Thursday

So today is supposed to be Fab Friend's Friday, but several of the gals had things they had to do today :( so we did our nails yesterday! My favorite part of this is the variety of personalities and tastes that emerge. It's like a platypus. You know. Cause of everything it is and isn' made sense in my sleepy brain. Ok coffee now....look at the pictures while I attempt to find my mug of sanity:
Stephanie is that woman you know and envy. The one who walks into a vintage store, buys the most bizarre assortment of items and turns it into a supermodel outfit and rocks it like one too. She's my fashion idol. The book is an embellishment book called *wait for it* Embellishing by Kayte Terry (not to be confused with Katie Perry - TOTALLY different - one kisses a girl and one upcycles cool styles for a girl - see, different). At any rate she was inspired (by the book) and this awesome, vintage mani was born!

Here is Mary - see the difference! She's our tattoo-loving, skull-rockin', red headed cool kid. She usually wears jeans and a fitted tee and can't wait to get her new tattoo (spy the one on her foot there? She plans to add more to it!). She's sweet as pie and feisty as a mama bear. I love her tenacity and calm demeanor and ability to make skulls an enviable accessory.
We did the girl's nails too - above is Harvest (my mini) and Abby (Mary's mini). They are a lot like sisters and love/fight like it too.
Abby's minicure features hot pink base with blue hearts and stars. It's glam, it's feisty, and it's soooo this darling princess. Just ask her mom *winks*
My daughter has hearts too...over a sweet white base with crackle and sparkles. Oh yeah all princess, wrapped in sweetness but beware. It's a cover I swear it is! ....just ask her mom.

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