Monday, July 25, 2011

Essie Trophy Wife and lack of wit to make an awesome title

This morning I and now the 2 year-old is bashing me with a foot stool because I told him no to more cereal after he threw his all over the floor. I see a time out in someone's future....anyhow I have FINALLY gotten to try an Essie and I'm IN LOVE! Super smooth application, incredible jewel toned color, and incredibly fast-drying (just wish it was more pigmented but it's a sheer, shimmer and that seems to be how those ones are).
This shows how smooth the color is. No pulling, no gunking - just smooth and rich. Vibrant and slightly metallic with an even shimmer. A new favorite!
 I really should have done a fourth coat, but I hate going past two though with this formula you can get away with it.
With flash so you can see the shimmer in it. Also this is closer to the real color. Wonderful color, wonderful application. I have zero complaints on this one!


  1. I love the way that color looks! Thank you for the swatch :)

  2. I went out and bought this today because of your swatch. i love it! thanks!

  3. Isn't it yummy? Pretty sure I need to get some more Essie's to swatch - thanks for your comments!

  4. I really love your blog. Your pictures always look really good and your manis are really pretty! ;D

    So I've left an award for you on my blog at:

  5. So awesome - thank you so very much Nailderella! <3