Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free Nail Shields

*I am posting my affiliate link here just so you know*
I have gotten two other sets of free nail shields through this site and they really do come out free which is amazing! Need a manicure that stays or just something new to review on your site? You get a 10 dollar credit just for signing up. Downside is you have to enter credit card information, but they don't charge you. So grab a set and enjoy! Free Nail Art Shields
-PLEASE NOTE- Deal can be ordered but the actual nail site seems to be down at the moment.


  1. How have you gotten so many for free before when it's one account per address? I made an account for my husband but since it's the same address im nervous that they won't let me have the $10 credit when they see where it's shipping to(since i've already had an account with them for free deals before)

  2. You shouldn't have any issues with it - you don't put the shipping address on the deal site - you do that part on the actual site you use the deal through. It does say limit 2 per household so you should be absolutely fine! Let me know what design you get *winks*

  3. thanks for your info! I'm so ordering now!