Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Two-toned and stamped: how my life feels

Today's manicure was inspired by Constantly Redone's Saree I'm Just Me post a bit back. Mine isn't as colorful as hers and is a lot less inspired then hers, but it came out quite nicely despite that! Step by step (I can be slow so I'm doing this for you slower ones that have to toddle along with me):
First a layer or two of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Green With Envy and stamp it with some Sinful Colors in Easy Going. Ok even if you stop at this step you totally have a rockin' mani. Topped it off with Cleared for Takeoff top coat by Sally Hansen Salon Manicures. Now to tape - scotch tape works really nicely for this but all I have is painters tape:
The two in this toned mani is OPI Don't Mess With OPI (You know...don't mess with Texas....it's from the Texas line......yeah........and stuff). Now let it dry - this part sucks. The tape feels weird and the tendency to tear it off is nearly overwhelming but resist so we can stamp it.
Since Easy going is a pale pink I went with a nice, vibrant pink for this second part. Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Cherry Fashion stamped on top there (doesn't it stamp nicely?). Important here!!!! Pull the tape off at an angle in order to avoid tearing up the freshly painted top tone there. Wouldn't that be super sad???
All done! Serioulsy an awesome looking manicure and you can go as vibrant and off the wall - do three stripes with various designs - vary the direction of the colors/stamps - mute it for a subtle effect. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Today is the kind of mommy day that feels as varied and crazy as this manicure. Do you know how many ways you can fight over the same thing? Me neither - the kids are still coming up with new ways. Sigh.....

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