Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Reds to Consider

So last week I mentioned doing some colored posts and here's my red: Fall Reds! With school approaching and the weather getting it's hottest we're on the cusp of a season change and with that brings a whole new palette of colors. Muted, rich, and dark are usually the order of fall so I thought I'd swatch three I hadn't done before for you to keep in mind when shopping for your fall colors. None of these are new by any means, but shouldn't be hard to obtain:
The three colors in the sunlight. Here are their bottles and names:
Now this was my first try of Borghese so I'll be reviewing these with each picture:
Borghese Sonata Berry C: This is in the price range of Essie and Zoya making it a hard one for me just try. Luckily a friend got me this one and, wow, what a disappointment. First off the packaging looks cheap, cheap, cheap. The brush IS nice but that's about the only plus. It paints streaky and, after three coats, it was still balding in areas. The color is a gorgeous, vampy burgundy but the application makes this one a big no-go.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Burgundy Flirt: YUM! Amazing package, amazing brush, amazing application, and amazing color. Not as dark as the other two, but so wonderful I could never part with it. On the thinner side so not really a stampable color.
Wet N' Wild: Burgundy Frost: Much to my shock this one was the ultimate winner. Dark and rich with shimmer it's a solid one-coater with even application. Nice, thin brush which would be nice for accents. I haven't tried stamping it but it'd probably work for that too. Also the cheapest of these three. Go figure right?

In mommy news my toddler has officially decided to boycott saying please and sub in screaming at me when he wants something. Oh please be a short phase....


  1. Don't you love when Wet n Wild wins? Thanks for this post, I loved it!

  2. I do so love it when it wins cause they are CHEAPIES - only problem is they don't really last long though this one went four days with zero chips...hrmmmm