Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some days you just need an extra life....

So CutePolish on has some seriously fun, free-hand manicures. Normally I don't do a step-by-step but this was too good to pass up. I actually didn't originally see the idea on her channel. Turns out a gamer bride did this fantastic twist on a traditional french manicure for her wedding!

Now she does hers with a clear base, but I thought the China Glaze FYI holo made a more "gamer" base for the manicure. As you can see my dots aren't neat - I don't have dotting tools yet and I was painting this outside in 90 degree weather. I don't recommend that by the way.
No flash - I love that this holo turns into a nude without too much light. I did freehand the mushroom but I used tape to get the neat lines on the green. This would be a million times easier with a french tip dip set - I did freehand the white tips.
With flash indoors. Now, alternatively, you can do this with red and do a big mushroom. I prepped my other hand to do so but the weather refuses to drop in tempature so I'm waiting to redo this one in red till after I have some good dotting tools and paintbrushes. For now have a nerdtastic day!


  1. Haha! I love this mani!! *I'm a Super Mario fan*

  2. Love!!! I'm going to have to do this one!

  3. love this! i've done it on my toes, and red ones on a friend's little girl

  4. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I'm HUGELY nerdy - Mario is my man (shhh don't tell my hubby *winks*). I'm hoping to try out some other nerdtastic manis so be sure to stay tuned!