Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free nail polish after 10 dollar credit

Ok so every so often I find deals and I feel the need to share them. It's what a coupon lovin' mom does. On that note is a deal site I've used quite often. Love the deals and today there's some free nail polish to be had. Now I can't seem to find any reviews on this nail polish, which is a shame. But for free I know some of us can afford to order and review it. Do I expect it to be worth the normal *wait for it* 15 dollar price tag *egad*. Probably not. But for free I can handle it. It might surprise us all!

Click here to see deal. When it opens sign up and get a 10 dollar credit. When you go to check out it automatically applies your credit (you'll have 2.50 leftover - nail deals come up every so often so that'll come in handy). Enjoy!

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