Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Two Toned: My hubby picked Trophy Wife

So I decided to do another two-toned manicure since it was so popular the first time around. I mis-stamped on one of my nails, which is a shame, since this manicure is, hand's down, one of my faves (can we say comma overload there???). Anyhow, as I was taking off the 1up mani the other night I asked my hubby what he'd like to see on my nails. He knows my polishes so, without even rummaging, he says, "That one orange and that incredibly shiny turquoise blue color." I knew instantly he meant Zoya Jancyn and Essie Trophy Wife. I've swatched both of these so this is a, "Oooh shiny" manicure:
Zoya Jancyn on bottom and Essie Trophy Wife on top (if you do not own this nail polish I HIGHLY recommend you do. Click here to see my review on this gem). I simply stamped the opposite colors on each other. The mis-stamp was my inability to remember that Bundle Monster full nail designs are SMALL - tip to get around this issue is to stamp them sideways which is what I did for the rest of my nails - works amazingly!

Today the kiddos are begging to go to school. Mind you they are all first grade and below....oh if only I knew the enthusiasm would last.


  1. I absolutely love the two patter combination. :)

  2. Thank you so much - I'm working my way up to a three piece pattern, but I need some different tape. Be sure to stay tuned *winks*