Friday, September 2, 2011

Oldies but still good: Maybelline French pink

So I haven't hardly bought any new nail polish in MONTHS. Things have been tight and, well, while they are close they aren't quite as essential as things like oxygen, or school clothes for the kids (although there's still debate on that first one). Luckily I have a LOT of polishes from nail buying binges prior to this dry spell. HOWEVER today features a prior to my recent nail addiction: a high school oldie! I'm 26 so do the math on that one - oh yeah! We're talking 10+ years on this Maybelline French Twist Pink. I don't even know why I still have it BUT it does still have a nice, silky application. The brush is lacking to say the least and starting to shed (had to redo two nails), but it still went on!

Now what did I put on top of that silky smooth finish? Something wacky of course (you know, cause I'm totally known for my non-crazy manicures. All p's and q's here). My goal was to do a white based version of my Rock It Like It's 1999 manicure. Yeah it did not go according to plan:
We've got Essie Nice is Nice, Sally Hansen Crackle Distressed Denim, and OPI Last Friday Night (the other glitter from the Katy Perry line). Without glitter:
Really should have gotten out my tripod for this one, but oh well. The blue is, honestly, too pale. I should have trusted my instincts and gone for a LOT of contrast - maybe even gone with black. Now for the glitter:
I love this glitter, but it nearly obliterated the stamp. And what's the point of a stamp if it's covered up. Yup this didn't go well. I didn't even bother to clean up cause it came right back off. Upward and onward to better manicures.


  1. I srsly can not believe how well it still paints! It actually paints out better then some of my brand-new ones. Go figure huh?