Monday, August 22, 2011

Julep Maven Unboxing and Review - SWATCHES (photo heavy)

So I mentioned the Julep Maven box last week and I received it this last weekend. To watch the video of the unboxing click here. You'll see how it was packaged and what was in it as it came in the mail.

For now here's the contents of the box:
A nice box of fabulous nail and hand care items.
Let's not lie though our biggest interest are the nail polishes and whether they are worth all the hype (and the 14.00 a bottle).
First is the Nail Therapy I received. I know the intro boxes are probably just pre-assembled and that's why I received this, but it was strange to get a nail strengthener when I said my nails are nice and strong. I do have nice nails (as I'm sure you can tell), BUT I do normally use a nail strengthener for my base coat so it's not a big deal in the slightest. The brush on this is amazing and this painted on nicely so we'll see how it holds up over this next week. All in all I do like it quite a bit.
Pre-cleanup and top coat - wanted you to see how this paints out by itself. This is dry and 2 coats.
I am "IT Girl" - my two colors are Sienna (the cult classic) and Emilie (the not yet released from the Fall 2011 collection). First off: I AM SOLD. Wow! The packaging is super clever, the brushes are nice, long, flexible, but strong and the polish itself is INCREDIBLE. One coat would have been enough. The nail polishes paint out with a nice gloss and the formula is silky smooth. Dries in a reasonable time and is 3-free. Safe for me and my little girl:

They look great on her too (it is Minicure Monday after all and she loves to have nails that match mommys - her favorite is the green).
Emilie: A green creme that dries with a high gloss. Super pigmented.
Sienna: A platinum that looks more silver in some lights and more gold in other lights. Smooth formula and dries as a foil.
Now do they stamp? Oh yes, yes they do!

So I am looking forward to getting more boxes and more colors. I'll be posting a further review at the end of this week on the glycolic hand scrub, but so far I'm loving that too.

Code: smh9oxu (this is a 15.00 off code so you can try out Julep Maven for 4.99)


  1. i love the green one! i am in pure love with those itty bitty fingers! precious!

  2. LOVE these! And thanks for showing that they stamp, I hadn't even thought of that!

  3. Isn't it pretty awesome that they stamp? I'm hoping that as more come I can find a nice array of solid, stamping nail polishes.

    My little mini is unbelievably darling - she was flashing her nails at everyone after I painted them. Am I making a nail polish snob out of her? Probably! :)

  4. I love them! and they are great for stamping, too!! The design you did looks so cute~