Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On and off topic: Dashed Date Night and curliformers

Hi, hi, hi - ok I'm a touch jumpy cause I had a little caffeine and I'm going through a ween myself off of soda's rough. However that's not the off-topic part of my on-topic post here. I know I do nails, but I also try other things sometimes. First a general here's me picture (I swear I'm going somewhere with this):
Not very flattering, but this is the most accurate day-to-day of, well, me. Hi again! Ok so onto the part that's off-topic. I was supposed to be going on a date last week. The husband takes the cute wife in the black dress and heels to somewhere classy kind of date. Well life happened, but it waited to happen until after my galfriends had started dolling me up. Since I was pouty I finished up my look just to show life how I felt about it.

No one spent hours doing my hair and I did not get a perm. What you are seeing is curliformers. They are these curled, flexible, plastic tubes that you straighten out, put the tool through, hook your hair and pull it through (that was complicated - check out youtube for tutorials). Killer right? Hair starts out wet, then dries in the tubes and you pull them out for this awesome look!
What was the on-topic part? Oh right - I did my nails for this get up. I was going for chic and classy which led me to Zoya Jules. Jules is a stunning gold/silver color that looks lovely in the bottle but is a pain to paint out. I tipped it with Zoya Kotori (did it by hand since I don't have a tips tool, tape, or anything else at the moment).

Since both have glitter they complimented each other sooo nicely! I just loved this one despite the lack of going out.


  1. Your hair turned out really pretty! I have naturally curly hair and, I think curl former's wouldn't work unless my hair was straightened.

  2. You looked great!! Sorry the date didn't work out. Glad you took some pics for us all to see!

  3. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments - @lorene I have a friend with naturally curly hair (these are hers actually) and she uses these to give her curls more definition and they work wonders on her hair! She uses anti-frizz in her hair first, then puts these in, and her hair is instantly transformed. She loves them! By the way I got my date last night!!! He surprised me with it...I heart the hubby.

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