Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Become a Julep Maven

So I've been looking at Julep polishes for awhile. They are a spendier brand (14.00) and seem to follow a similiar naming trend as Zoya. They name their polishes for girls just like Zoya. They are 3-free like Zoya, and, to my knowledge, only available online. I know you can find Zoya in some salons, but not many. BIGGEST difference is not just the price but that Julep appears to be just a little over half the size of Zoya (0.27 vs 0.5 oz). Yeah that kind of kills it for me - I have a hard time putting down 14 on a nail polish I can't see before trying when it's smaller then my usual polishes.

Now I have no idea what the "etiquette" is on posting your own link, but, really, I don't mind clicking someone else's but here's the deal: Julep Maven is a new Birchbox like program. You sign up for a monthly box (bills on the 25th and ships on the 26th) and receive a box with a cult-classic, a preview polish, a nail treatment and some samples. It's 19.99 BUT I have a 15 dollar off code I found while snooping through some forums! So if you've been tempted now is the time to do it:


Code: smh9oxu (I have no idea when this expires - I just used it today and it worked)

Best part? It tells you what they are pulling for you! If you don't like that then you can go request a "shelf pull" and they will pull something different for you! My first two are a fall preview color not out yet and Sienna:

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