Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zoya Marley and Essie Nice and Nice... Face-off

Is there anything more annoying or wonderful then a dupe (it really depends on the situation). In this case I was nearly sure these two were dupes, but they turned out not to be. Both are incredible gorgeous, and, depending on your level of OCD, different enough to hold onto both. Here they are together:
To test out whether they looked different enough to tell I went and flashed my manicure to my husband who said, "Ummm are you aware that some of your nails are darker then the other ones?" Point made.
Now for some pros and cons. Zoya Marley is lighter and slightly more pastel. It has a definite shimmer in the light. Essie is cream with no real shimmer present but slightly darker so a little less pastel for this one. Both are 3 free, extremely pigmented (you are seeing 2 coats for both colors here). Where Essie wins for me is that their formula dries so much faster then Zoya making it much more mommy manicure friendly.
Previous two were indoors and this is outdoors.
Now I'm not normally a purple person or a pastel person but this one grew on me and I did not want to change it. Ended up wearing it for *wait for it* almost a week! Both chipped at nearly the same time ending this wonderful mani that I will definitely be doing again.


  1. I have Marley and have been on the fence about getting nice is nice. I still feel like I need it even though they are...quite similar. I can see the differences, though, and thats enough for me to want them both

  2. I think I like the Essie more. Thanks for sharing!

  3. They are both pretty amazing and both are definitely worth owning. I do kind of lean towards Essie (love the slightly darker color). Thanks so much for your wonderful comments!