Sunday, August 14, 2011

Huemorista - I promised you GREEN - Shamrockin' Green

Pretty sure most of you are aware of the small and independent nail polish makers that are making their ways into our wishlists. The top two for me are Cult Nails and Huemorista. Now I've read some reviews on Huemorista so I knew to expect a tiny bottle (by the way this bottle comes compliments of Constantly Redone - my sister blogger - she's going to have more Huemorista swatches in the days to come).

Now I'm going to have to do a comparison because Shamrockin' Green in it's tiny bottle, glitter poppin' goodness appears to have a very similar color (minus glitter) to Zoya Irene. For now gaze at this beauty:
 Glitter! Taken with flash this is the color of this polish. Seriously. You NEED to plan your St. Patty's Day manicure around this one. Silky smooth application with a TON of glitter in green and gold flecks (not precisely fine, but not chunky either - just a nice in between).
Some sun and natural light here - sorry about the difference from my usual pictures - this was taken in the morning light before my workout as opposed to the afternoon like normal.
You can really get the effect of this polish in this picture - note that all of these are without topcoat. I wanted you to see how this polish looks when it applies.
Bottle size comparison. Now why would I chose to compare against this bottle....oh yeah I FOUND A HOLO DURING A DUSTY HUNT ADVENTURE WITH CONSTANTLY REDONE!!!! Well she found it, I grabbed it cause I realized it was FYI and she didn't want it. At SIX bucks I could not pass it up. Swatching to come.

Bottom line Huemorista makes unique polishes and is as liberal with the glitter as Deborah Lippman is. Little bottles of lovely to hoard away for those special manicures.

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